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dex_ahme lúc 24 Jun 2008 2:24 AM
I came across this once in Whatever mistakes you made, you seemed not to care when others pointed them out, so no good doing that as you'd said [quote] I haven't written anything since... forever (as in a year?). I dislike writing, and it's not something I enjoy. I do write sometimes, from time to time when I feel the time is right and the mood strikes. I dislike my own writings, partly because it's very random, very out-of-place, and often the reactions of readers are confusions. I tend to write weirdly, I guess, from what people see. And I never have a storyline XD. If you do read this, I hope you like it, and a comment is more than what I asked for. [/quote]

All I can say is :" I shared the feelings in this writing and I still do now."
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