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A/N: I had not set foot in fanfic or fic sites until recently. Vnfiction has a new version and all this complicated things. I miss the old one but admittedly the posting and reviewing system is good, which reminds me of Most of my friends arent here and I'm drained of writing appeals. I still have lots of ideas but too tired to work them out. Now I'm posting an old poem of mine dedicating to Breeze. It used to upset her so much but we're parting in a month's time so it just doesnt matter anymore.

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Đăng: 10 Jul 2008 Cập nhật: 06 Apr 2009

TATTOO and SCAR bởi dex_ahme
Author:Lil' Wool

Born to be a heartbreaker...

Born to be nonchalant...

Born to be coolheaded...

Born to be hard-hearted...

Born to be fastidious...

All is not my fault.

Don't blame me if i've broken your heart.

Don't blame me if i'm indiffenrent while seeing you.

Don't blame me if sometimes i'm too practical.

Don't blame me if you cannot make me open my heart.

Don't blame me if one day I tell you :I don't want you anymore.

Don't blame me for all that. That's the way it is.

Shed your tears when you're hurt.

Share your friends your happiness and sorrows.

To make life less painful and complicated.

And to get over me also.

Peace will come to your soul, sooner or later.

And mine, too.

Used to wonder...

What will be left of me?

In your heart.

What will become of me?

In your mind.

Tattoo and scar: what's the difference?

Scar: You don't wish for it.
Getting from an accident.
and painful.

Tatoo: You choose to have it.
Having needles pinned to your heart.
but beautiful.

If you're not gonna delete me totally.

I wish to be a tattoo in your heart.


To give your pain...

Hard to erase...

So that I'll never be forgotten.

Your selfish friend
Shall you be happy.

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