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Open the door...
Let me come into your home...
Tell me stories
And listen to me...
Don’t let my words disappear in this world, like some stones throwing into
the ocean...

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The pink worm under the yellow flower tree bởi ndqanh_vn
You can read the Vietnamese version here. It's not a translation, though, but rather a second attempt to write. My Eng is not good, but somehow I thought the first Eng version has its own strenghts

Title: Storytellers

Author: Nguyen Duong Quynh Anh.

Category: Fantasy. Children story.

Summary: This world is too big and too small. Someday, somewhere,
someone will come into your life so suddenly. Your world may be broken,
but it may grow up, too. Will Minh, with the help of a pure spirit called
Storyteller, save the life of a girl with nickname Cherry, who no longer
wants to live?

Chapter 1: The pink worm under the yellow flower tree

It was 4.00 PM, September 5, 2007.

Why do we begin this story on such a crowded bus? Was there anything

No, there was nothing but an old, pure spirit, or we should name it a fairy.
There are many fairies in this world. And this one, the one standing besides
us on the crowded bus, is one of the most popular one

Her name is Storyteller. She has been traveling around the world to collect
good tales. Then she would tell it to someone who needs it, in order to be
paid another story.

She has been in our world for so long. In most cases, however, we never
realize her presence. Only children, whose eyes are clear enough, can hear
her gentle voice, see her peaceful faces, and most of all, listen to sweet
sweet stories she made for human beings.

Storyteller did not need a seat. She just stood here, thinking that no one
could see her, trying to hear stories of human world.

Strange as it was, a student sitting near the window suddenly looked up and
saw her, the Storyteller, the fairy of tales. He did not know she was a fairy.
He just thought that this girl needed a seat.

How impolite it is to just seat on your seat looking at a standing young
woman on such a crowded bus

However, Minh, the student, could not stand up. His little sister leaned
toward him, and asked:

_Tell me a story.

Minh avoided looking into the young woman’s eyes, opened his bag and
took out a map.

_Look here, Mai _He said to his excited sister, and pointed at Viet Nam in
the map_This is a...

_A pink worm! _Mai cried out happily _How lovely he is!

_Yes, a lovely worm lived under a yellow flower…Once day he felt too
lonely, and he went out to find a friend…

China in the map looked like a yellow flower with three petals.

Yes, it was a map. A normal world map that we can buy easily at any
bookshop. However, in their eyes, it was the colorful map of childhood

They were absorbed in the map without knowing that Storyteller was
listening. A childlike smile appeared on her face when she noticed
happiness glowed in their eyes.

At the same time, a schoolgirl sat silently besides them. Closing her eyes,
she, too, listened to each word of this story. A bottle of water was put before
her. A poisoned bottle of water.

The bus stopped. All of them, three people and a fairy got up. After Minh
went away, the school girl suddenly threw her bottle into a recycle bin.

The sun was falling.

It’s was too beautiful a sunset to commit suicide.

Storyteller looked straight into the red sunset, suddenly said with a gentle
voice. The voice of fairies:

_Such a nice story, isn’t it? The bird of Sun?

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