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Carnivore: A carnivore (IPA: /ˈkɑrnɪvɔər/), meaning 'meat eater' (Latin carne meaning 'flesh' and vorare meaning 'to devour'), is any animal with a diet consisting mainly of meat, whether it comes from animals living (predation) or dead (scavenging). [Wikipedia]

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ACT 1: The Beginning (ii) bởi Cát Đằng

The apartment started shaking as the train ran alongside of it. The sounds of dishes and cutleries rushing in the cupboard seemed to annoy the girl lying on the messy bed in the middle of the room.

“ I can’t understand how you can live with such noises!”

She talked, playing with her lingerie while looking at a tall man dressing himself up in front of an old but clean wardrobe. Despite all her voices and stares, he did not seem like he paid any attention. After buttoning his shirt, the man reached to the gun clipped on his trousers, and loaded a bunch of bullets inside of it. He then turned around , cigarette in his mouth, talked to the girl while looking at his gun:

“We should go.”

The girl looked up at the man, showed a disappointed look on her face, said:
“Why now? I was looking for another round! And after that maybe we could go for a drink or some shopping…”

She suddenly stopped talking, feeling a cool breeze blew through the windows and coldly walk through her shoulder, while the cold steel of the gun touched her forehead. Her fear increased even more as the man turn off the safe lock on the gun. He had a strange gun. It was not the normal Colt 45 or Glock17 that you can easily find anywhere in this town. It was a rather special-made one, and it had almost squared shape, with lines carved on. However, even though the gun was taking a little bit of her attention, she could not stop sweating.

“You are cute…”-The man moved closer to the girl, whispered in her ear, then kissed her neck “…and you were really good in bed…”

His lips stopped at her nose, then he kissed her lips, with his tongue touching every inches inside her mouth. The girl felt intense, however, she was less of fear than before, as she thought this is just a game that he is playing. After all, she was with various men who does these kind of thing. Some men used knife, some used whip, but not many of them used gun. In fact, he was the first, therefore it gave her the feeling of experiencing something new. She closed her eyes and felt the kiss that the man gave her, while his other hand hold her neck. But before long, she felt something made by bronze quickly walked its way through her skin, her skull, squashed an amount of her brain, and her skull and skin again. She raised her hand to touch the part that thing gone through, and realized a hole from which blood started flooding out. Glared frighteningly at the man, she dropped down to the bed, where the linens were absorbing the blood poured down from her hole. At that very moment, she did not, or rather could not, realise that she was dead.

“…but you have to learn how to be obedient.”

The man talked coldly, opened his wallet, took one hundred dollars out and threw it on the floor. He then walked out of the house, lighted another cigarette as he threw the other one away while he was approaching the girl. He put his gun into its cover clipped on his trousers’ hem, breath out the white smoke while looking at the sky. The smoke blended into the clouds, or so he thought, walking down the stairs, out of the alley and into the crowded street. His figure totally stood out of the crowd, mostly because he carried an aura that was way darker than the others. When he reached the middle part of the cigarette, he threw it down the road and stepped on it to stamp out the red fire on it. Then he searched through his jacket just to find an empty cigarettes packet. Looking at the packet as it flew to the recycle bin, he walked rapidly to the stand in the corner of the street, and took his wallet out to buy a new pack.

All of the sudden, he felt a cold wind blowing from his left as he gave the money to the old woman at the stand. Turned to where the wind came from, he found a girl walking on the street. She was kind of a pretty girl, as long as he ignored the scars, but also carried the same aura as him. The girl sensed Immo’s eyes, looked back at him coldly, then turned away and continued walking until she disappeared into an alley.

“She was a pretty girl. But there is something really…dark, about both of you, may I say…”

The old woman’s voice brought Immo back to the cigarette stand. He took the Marlboro pack, answered:

“We used to know each other. Now we hardly speak anymore…”

“My my…How sad! It must be terrible for you…”

Immo sneered, then pulled one cigarette out of the pack and put it in his mouth, then lit it. As he left the stand, the woman shouted quietly:

“You should not smoke that often sir, it is not good for your health!”

Without an answer, Immo just raised his hand to show an “I know” gesture, and continued walking. But he was stopped by the voice of a young man standing where he was:

“Where is your money today, old hag?”

“My children, I have not had much customers today, so here is everything…”

Right after that, Immo heard a sound of a thump that made him turns back to see the old woman fallen off her chair and lying on the ground, blood started pouring out of her nose. The young man was still nagging and shouting at her for having only that much of money, but then when he realized that the woman had already passed away, he turned pale and run , away from the crowd of people which had started to increase. Sarcastically, only after a while, the crowd started to pour back to the street, leaving the old woman lying where once her moneymaking point was. Immo, feeling disgusted, walked to the corpse of the one who just told him to stop smoking so often, took off the scarf on her neck and used it to wipe off her nose, then closed her eyes and put the scarf over her face. After that, noticing the police coming, he stood up and walked away. After all, he had something he has to do.

Panting, craving for breath, the young man hold his chest while he was standing in a dark alley. He looked at the money in his hand, laughed hysterically that tears started to run from his eyes. Suddenly a voice startled him:

“Was it fun, having money and killing off your mother at the same day?”

He raised his head to the right, where there stood a girl with a long red hair. She had two very long leather bags on her back, white and black, arms crossed and lied her head relaxed on the wall. She was smiling, but that was definitely not a smile from any ordinary person. It was the evilest smile he has ever seen in his life, which certainly was scaring him, made him shivered and sweated. The girl licked her lips, took one bag of her shoulder, started unzipping it while she continued talking:

“For you, one is enough.”

The steel reflected the sun to his eyes. He had to close them for a moment before opening them again to realise what she had taken out of the bag. It was a long katana which was surely heavy, judging from its length, but the girl held it in one hand without any trouble. Before he realized anything else, he already felt the cold steel touching his neck and went through everything, bones, flesh, artery…everything. After a blink of the eyes, his view had become much lower, and he was frightened to look at his own body, without a head, struggling for a second then came to rest. Tears running from his eyes, and he died at that very moment when his body stopped moving.

The girl took a wet tissue out of her black coat pocket, used it to wipe off the katana, then put the katana back to its bag and wear the bag back on her shoulder. After wiping her own hands with another tissue, she threw both tissues on the corpse, then walked out of the alley, sneered. Suddenly, a tall guy out of nowhere stood in her way. After realizing it was someone she knew, she crossed her arms again, looked straight into the guy’s eyes. His dark grey eyes seemed like the perfect accessory for his black hair. Their eyes met for a few seconds, then the guy started talking:

“It’s been a while, Cecilia.”

“Yes indeed, it has.”

The girl name Cecilia replied, looking at the guy interestingly. He walked towards her, held her hand in his and gave it a kiss, then looked up and smiled:

“How have you been? After that incident at the Throttle, I hardly see you anywhere anymore. Should I say it’s been like, what, eight months?”

The girl smiled back at Immo , gracefully took her hand back:

“I’ve been a little busy snuffing around the Top area, Sharkie. I heard that maybe Sir Benedict was around there about seven months ago.” Cecilia pressed her voice hard when she addressed the man “But no luck you see, so I’m back here.”

“So welcome back, and my deepest condolence towards your luck. But just a little bit of a curiosity here, have you become one sort of social worker?”
There was some ironicalness in Immo’s question, therefore the girl pretended to give herself sometimes to think as if it was a very serious problem in her life, then she replied, still smiling.

“Hmm…..Well, I think so. Also, did you hear some kid screaming? I thought I might give him some of my social works.”

Immo laughed loudly, then use his hand to lift up Cecilia’s chin and looked into her eyes, unintentionally showing her that he had missed her.

“I’m pretty sure it was coming from Fifth Alley. But do give me a visit sometimes. I missed having fun with you.”


After giving each other the last smile, they parted their way.

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