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Metempsychosis meant the passing of the soul at death into another body, either human or animal, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary-1450. It is claimed that many people believe in metempsychosis, especially Buddhist believers. It is an Eastern creed, that body might die, but soul will exist forever, and we’re able to live a new life, start over again after death. However, the life in the past may still affect your life, your destiny. Sometimes even the “you” of your past life, the memory, the character,… all of them comes back to your present body. I don’t know, of course, if metempsychosis really exist, but I still believe in reincarnation, that someone with a lonely and full of mysery soul might have a much better life after death…

Summary: What if Kanda Yuu died and then God recarnated him into... Touya Akira?

Thể loại: English > Fanfiction Rating: K+ Hoàn thành: Không
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Đăng: 22 Feb 2008 Cập nhật: 23 Feb 2008

Chapter 1: Another soul bởi Invisible_girl
Disclaimer: I don't own neither Hikaru no Go nor D. Gray-Man, though, believe me, I want to.


Chapter I: Another soul

“Akira! It’s morning! Time to wake up!”

“Mom! You know I’ve already done!” shouted Akira from the bathroom.

“Oh yeah, of course, I just wish you would get up late one time so that I can wake you up as other moms do.”


“Ok, ok, right, I’ve got no problem with your getting up early.”

Akira walked out of the bathroom. His face looked cold. He didn’t smile. Rarely did he. His eyes somehow went wild. Akiko glanced at her son a bit nervously. He, well, didn’t seem… normal at all. Occasionally, she thought he was a bit too grown-up. He always got up on time, always went to school, or the Association on time, always did everything perfectly by himself. Was it fine with a fifteen-year-old kid? It was funny, while other mothers worried about their son’s disobedience, Akiko worried about her son’s … too well behavior.

Nonetheless, her worrier had declined since Akira knew Shindou Hikaru. It was like he had met his truly first friend, the only one that could make him a little more childish, the one whom could make him lose his temper, whom could drive him crazy but then keep him laugh all day, and especially, make him become… himself. Akira was greatly influenced by his father – she thought – but perhaps he was influenced even more greatly by Shindou.

“Today I have to come to the Association,” her son announced.

“Do you? I thought you have a day off today?”

“I thought so, but they’ve just called me last night,” explained Akira to his mother. “There’s a change in the time so I’ve gotta go today!”

“All right then, at least you’ve got to have breakfast, dear?” Akiko insisted on her son as he was about to leave.

“Oh… right, sure I will.”

Akiko let out a sigh. The only matter was that Akira seemed to be so far from his family, or maybe far from her only, since he was quite close to his father. She once asked Shindou’s mom and received the same answer. She wondered herself whether every young Go pro was, too.

“Bye Mom. I’m going.

“Will you come home for dinner, darling?””

“I’m not sure. Maybe not. I’ll give you a ring.”

Touya Akira stepped out of his house. He dare not look straight into his mom’s eyes. This was the first time he’d lied to her. Akira was a truthful child. He felt so guilty about this. “If there is a first time, there will be two, or three…” he babbled.

He came to a far away place from the Go Association, not only because he had to, but he also didn't want his friends see him walking to nowhere.

Akira sighed. Since the first day he'd got that bizzare dream, his life had begun to change. He didn't know why, but he started to find himself in front of the mirror, looking at his deep eyes and then breraking it. He started liking wearing black, started growing hair, and started liking being called by his surname only. But the trouble really happened when Touya Akira started... swearing. He could still remember that embarassing day when he suddenly spoke out "Damn it!" ( he didn't know the reason why he did so). People had stared at him as he was an alien, that stupid Shindou Hikaru even clapped his shoulder. Who did that jerk think he was? A cheerer?

However, the weirdest thing was still that dream. He saw that dying guy again and again, days after days. Akira wasn't a superstitious person, that was for sure, but he didn't feel that normal at all. He tried not to let his friends and family notice his changes, but he guessed he'd gotta figure out what was happening.

Okay then, where should I start? There is a snowfield in the dream, but I can't just walk to Fuji or some kinds of mountain myself. Or that black coat? Of course it kinda an old-fashion one, but where can I find it? In a museum? Nah, don't think so... The only thing I'm sure about is that he was Japanese, yeah...

Akira walked slowly. It was freezing. His body trembled with cold. He'd almost forgotten that it was during winter. Akira hated this kind of weather, and as he explained, it, well, prevented him from... creation (but what was creation supposed to do with Go???). He could even imagine the title on the front page of the next Weekly Go... "Go pro died of cold". No, this was too bad. He needed a warmer place.

Akira looked up to the other side of the street. There was a church standing bulkily among secular trees covered with snow. A shining Cross was placed on top of it. He could hear the sound of the bells echoing throughout the space. It was beautiful scenery. Akira stepped inside the area. No more wind, this made him a little more lukewarm. He gazed upon the building... This view reminded him of something... Snow, yes, bells ringing, yes, but there was still something... Could that guy possibly dying at... a church? Nah, that doesn't seem right.

Suddenly, his eyes went wider as they reach the top of the church. Of course, the cross! A cross was embroidered on the strangers's black coat. A cross... God...Christian! He exclaimed. He had seen that sign somewhere. It must be the sign of Vatican which allow people wearing it to reach anywhere they want. It was clearer to him now. This Japanese must have related to Vatican.

Okay, I've got a clue, then what?

Akira trod along the churchyard. Two lines of pine trees stood in the two sides of his way/ Sunlight slipped through the leaves into rays. The area resounded with prayers. Akira had never been a Christian, but he'd known some of them. Nevertheless, he had never been patient enough to be closer to them, though they seemed quite normal like everybody else. And now, he was walking in the church for the very first time, trying to search for a sign. What should he do now? Pray? He wasn't a believer. It wouldn't work, he knew it, and of course, he didn't expect anything to happen.

"Well, guess I have to find another way then..."

Getting out of the church, Akira felt so... well... meaningless. He still couldn't understand that dream, or that night mare - that was what he called. Slowly closing his eyes, he tried to imagine it once again. It wasn't a hard work since he had nearly been haunted. A young guy... older than him... his face just resembled his... long dark eyes... long black coat... in the middle of a snowfield... blood covered everything... he jabbered something about 'akuma'... his hand was holding a long katana... Katana?

Akira felt like he had found the light at the end of the tunnel. He used a katana, that means he must be a samurai or something Samurai? But that coat felt... Western. At least he must be a warrior... Akira shook his head. Damn it! I can't think of any... Immediately, he startled. Had he just said that word again?

That didn't seem fine... at all! He felt as he couldn't control himself anymore, since he left the church.

I don't wanna die...
A voice echoed inside his head.

Let me out! Let me feel the world!
And suddenly, everything faded out.

In the middle of the snowfield lay a young teenager
He was wearing black, with dark hair and closing eyes
Blood covered everywhere, dyeing the snow red
White, red and black mixed together harmoniously and beautifully

End chap 1


A/N: Longer now, eh? I've tried to write in clear English, but, due to my poor vocab and grammar, I'm sure I've made a lot of mistakes cry. So, hope you can point out my mistakes for me, ok? Thanks.

Ah, is this going too fast, I'm wondering. Well, it'll slow down anyway (I hope).

Some explanation about the changes of Akira, well, I think you can guess, Kanda - the exorcist has a really high level of... swearing. Figure it out yet?

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