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An indecent doctor, a violent policeman. A chaotic town filled with peoples who might have hit their heads too hard.

Oh dear, didn't you hear the rumor about Namimori?—AU.

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Prologue bởi Zhao™
Zhao™ | King Rô

TYL! 6918, Spalaude.

Humor, action.

OOC, crack.

I don’t own KHR.

Mukuro-sama and Hibari-san belong to Amano and belong to each other.

In-storage-fanfic came out. This is an AU story. Lately I was very fascinated with the idea of a megane-doctor!Mukuro and a hawt police!Hibari. My big thanks to whoever made it up first. That was upright wonderful hommies.

Warning nao, rating may go up if I dare to write smut.

Reviews, comments and criticisms are always welcome. Hope you enjoy this.

A Chaos in Namimori


Hibari Kyouya frowned, sharp eyes fixed on the poor reports which had once been crumpled in discontentment. Every single handwritten line seemed to poke on his nerves, every damn single neat line. He read through the papers again and placed them back down, his frown deepened into a full-scowl. Those were the same words as last month, and the month before last. Those words which made the whole police station cried out loud in joy but failed to get a tiny smile from the ever grumpy-looking Cloud man. There, on the last paragraph, below the caps-locked printed Briefly summarize this month's issues, lied a simple, fantastically simple sentence.

-Nothing happened.

No-thing. Meant none. Not a single heist, no car accident, no murder case, no smuggling drug, no gangs, no street fight, no et ceatera.

Perfectly peaceful and uneventful.

Which was, not exactly what the police commander looking for.

Of course, Hibari was the man of laws and discipline after all. But he'd never been known for presenting the symbol of justice nor peace. Despited being a police, and a commander on top of that, his face always looked as if he was going to annihilate the whole town. Frighteningly scary, but same time astonishingly pretty. As a matter of fact, his minions knew better than state both of that out loud. No one could survive through his piercing glares, let alone his blood-thirst personality. Though Hibari normally only expressed it upon the unfortunate criminals he had caught, but all witnesses who just happened to be there when he let off his fury were still traumatized by what they've seen. Therefore it came the nickname Cloud man, which one day found to be horribly appropriate and well-suited for Hibari.

Oh-shh, but don't tell him any word about that.

Left it aside and returned to the situation at hand. Eventually, the other policemen had recognized the visibly irritation emitted from such deadly aura surrounded their commander. A grim shadow consumed his figure, despite various number of windows embossed all around the place. And what else, the black-haired man was grinding teeth.

How ironic, a discipline protector with the face of a terrorrist.

"Please forgive my disruption, sir. Does something bother you?"

Hibari blinked in annoyance, stared from the wizen reports to the big guy with an accordingly big pompadour as his hair; Kusakabe Tetsuya—the second-in-command. Averted his gaze away, now landing on one glass window, Hibari curtly shook his head, grunted something under his breath along with those lines "herbivore" and "boring".

"It seems recently our town has been at peace."

Kusakabe left the rest But you don't look at all pleased unvoiced. He saw no need in commenting on the Cloud man's odd behavior any further. Hibari grumbled. Exactly, it'd been months since the last public disturbance case, and now the whole town is at peace. The commander actually did feel pleased, but simultaneously unsatisfied. He was but a fighter to the core. Truth to be told, he joined the police just for one sole purpose: to fight with a worthy, formidable opponent. So far, his wish was still unfulfilled. Day by day Hibari grew more and more frustrated. He looked up to see no one and glanced down to see a bunch of weaklings. Or another fitting word, 'herbivores'.

Does out there really have no strong man who could entertain him a bit better?

Unceremoniously, Hibari rose up from his chair, marched toward the front door. As he walked past Kusakabe, a string of unspoken orders were left amidst thin air along with the infamous death glare.

I'm going out to beat some bastards. Alone. Keep the office in check when I'm gone. Or else.

In total, it created a tremendous dead threat of You-piss-me-off-you-die which effectively kicked off anyone who dares to leap near within 4 feet.

The whole police station had learned that, sometimes, most of the time, avoidance is bliss.


18:04. It was almost evening, peachy sunset began to fall upon the town, drew out a perfect colorful landscape. Hibari let his step lead him to whenever it went, allowed himself the luxury to relax a bit as he breathed in a lung-full of fresh air. Really, Namimori is best. It hadn't been modernized with some skycrappers shot up around, and cars and crowding peoples and all stuffs like some advanced cities, that made Hibari feel so at home. This is Namimori, Namimori town.

As he proceeded toward the town center, his tonfa clashed against the silver-plated belt, produced a rhythm of melodious 'klang klang' sounds. Hibari also brought his handcuff along, just in case, well, you know—

"Help! Help please! Thief! He stole my bag!"

Yes, just in case.


Rokudou Mukuro stopped by mere curiosity. Finally, he thought, something out of usual finally happened.

It had only been two months or so since the doctor moved here. Some of these days, Mukuro would get questions from his clients, concerned why did he come here. You see, a young bright doctor, probably just aged around mid-twenties, a good-looking gentleman with stack of honor diplomas and winning medals and academic prizes aesthetically hung up over the light blue-painted wall of his own office. As him, one should've been assigned in a grand hospital from Tokyo and do all stuffs to gain flashy reputation and climb on top. Instead, Mukuro chose to settle in Namimori town, humbled himself with a small and simple clinic. His answer was always I'm good here, supported by a seemingly good-natured smile.

But there was more in his mind.

Again, it had only been two months, and he found this town disappointly boring. Too monotone, to be exact. Lacked of twisted events. What's with this Namimori, really? Almost as if everybody was afraid of something, someone—who oppressed them to stay good and not causing troubles. It only needed several days for him to figure out, that they were currently under dictatorship. Mukuro vaguely wondered, he didn't think there still has some kind of mayor or daimyou around by this era, yeah right, and according to what he heard from other Namimorians (the town peoples), there really has no such person. But his assumption about some dictator held ultimate power over this whole town was correct. There is one. 'The Cloud man' he believed, or as they said, the police commander.

Interesting. Whoever that 'Cloud' is, he must be quite a prick.


Back to the scene, after thirty-odd seconds inspected around thoroughly, Mukuro concluded that there was nothing for him to do here. The young woman already had some volunteers chased after the thief, and noisy crowds was not exactly a sight he wanted to behold. Thus, Mukuro turned on his shoes and walked across the busy street, only to be stopped by a faraway call.

"Mr. doctor over there!"

Funny enough, Mukuro did glance down to see if he was wearing a blouse, and even looked around in attempt to find if anyone else wore it.

"Yes you, the blue-haired mister! Please help me, I think I twisted my ankle!"

Directly at him, wasn't it? It was a wonder how she could spot him from that far anyway. Mukuro sighed, reluctantly stepped over to perform some perfunctory checks. He would remember to ask for a work-overtime bill afterward. There's nothing such as free examination, matter-of-factly.

"I'm not a physiotherapist, lady, so this is as much as I can do." Mukuro calmly stated, elegant fingers gave one final rub on the intumescent bruise. "By now you could at least walk a bit easier, have someone wave a taxi for you and go home."

The doctor brushed his hands, absently regretted that he didn't put on gloves. The woman seemed hesitant for some reason, which Mukuro could only interprete as feeling sad for her lost bag, till she spoke.

"Can't you escort me home?"


Mukuro raised an eyebrow, eyes fixed on the nervous and blushed woman who still lied down on the ground, probably too weak to stand on her own, while given him an expectant look.

"I-I think I can't go back by myself, like this."

My my, how troublesome.

As Mukuro remained indifferent, made no hint of musing for an answer, or even looked at all interested in the request, those curious Namimorians who have stood there for a while stared back and forth between the doctor and that woman, maybe searching for some good materials for a new gossip.
There and then, Mukuro had decided on a smooth, honeyed refusal, but he never get to say it as a huge bag flung toward his direction from behind at light’s speed. Skillfully dodged the flying object, the doctor straightened his blouse to turn around and greet a hawt-looking black-haired policeman—who dragged along something seemed to be human, with a pursuit of other colleagues; albeit based on the look of it, they looked more like his underlings than comrades. It appeared obviously, that he was the leader.
The loud 'thump' of said huge bag made contact with hard ground appeared to effectively cut off Hibari's intense glare on Mukuro, now placed upon the woman who clutched securely onto her just-found beloved bag, eyes watered due to overjoyed.

"Yours?" Hibari asked dispassionately, carelessly.

"Y-Yes! T—tha-thank you very much, s-sir."

It was downright humorous how her expression twisted from supergrateful to utterterrific, just by looking at Hibari's Jack-the-ripper-like feature, and the way he trampled his foot on the flabby meat sack he carried along.

"Is he the thief?"

Just then did the woman and Mukuro get a chance to take a closer look of what should've once been human. Or something alike. His face had terribly deformed to the point all that left was a cruel mix of pain, horror and fear. As an expert of anatomy, it only took the doctor a few minutes to identify whether which part was what from that messy excuse of a human body. But Mukuro had to carry on the uninformed quiz alone, since the woman had fainted like a slab of wood, and all those Namimorians who previously peeked around the scene hurrily dismissed in a matter of second, knowing better than crowding together near a Mad-mood-mode: ON Hibari (though his mood hardly ever switched to anything beside from neutral).

"Bring this back to the station, I will personally execute it."

The commander kicked said meat sack aside, beckoned other policemen to clean up the scene by divided in two groups. One escorted the thief, one transported the woman to hospital.

"We're waiting for your next command, sir."

"Nothing for now."

"Roger, sir."

One policeman with funny hair scurrily bowed down and fleed away, left Hibari with Mukuro and a plethora of dull air. The doctor then gave himself the consent to assess the black-haired man from head to heels, all the while forgot that this was the one who attempted to crack his skull.

Ooh? So here is the rumored police commander.

Mukuro hummed lightly, silently remarked that the Cloud looked really, really young, probably younger than twenty-five, far younger than he expected, and far prettier. However regardless his beauty, he also looked fierce and high-rated, effortlessly created an aura of The-Above. Even his pose provided a big hint of grandiose and authority. His gaze, sharp as knife, stabbed through anything, right then and there, Mukuro even thought that he felt a twinge in his heart, but of course, it was just a realistic imagination.

Or was it—?


Mahogany eyes shot a piercing glare to mismatched eyes. The blood red color in Mukuro's right iris suddenly gleamed a brighter hue, for only a quarter of second. But Hibari didn't fail to catch that particular moment. His brows knitted together in suspicion.

"Why did you throw that bag at me?" The doctor asked with too much amusement mixed in his tone. Too much, to the point which suggested Hibari to throw something at him again.

"It didn't hit you." The Cloud grimmed.

Strange enough, that didn't sound the least bit concrite nor guilty, vice versa more like an accuse. Who allowed you to dodge? or something akin. But well, that wasn’t the main subject here. Because, even the cheerfulness reeked from Mukuro when he received that answer was also ultra strange. Not to forget the hallmark laugh which served as an epitome of his unreasonable weirdness, and later proved to be excessively self-presented. 'Kufufu' here it went.

"Ooh, oi, Mr. Commander, why are you so interesting?"

Hibari deeply frowned. This was the first time someone didn't get all freak-out when talking face-to-face with him, pretty special must he admit. But it didn't give the fruit-lookalike bastard any privilege to address him in such—friendly way.

"Hmm, you look more attractive than what I've heard." Mukuro caressed his chin thoughtfully, a manner which the Cloud—unfortunately—didn't appreciate one least bit. "Enhanced with your handcuff, I must say that's quite sexy."

Sexy what, you mental sodomite? Hibari bit his lower lip in successful attempt to hold back a ready-to-burst epileptic react. If not for Namimori's keepsafe first priority, there will be a damn high possibility that he would slam that pineapple head on the ground til it's smashed. Very, very tempting fantasy indeed, if not overpowerful. After a lung-full inhale, he reached out for his tonfa, pointed directly at the infuriatingly thick face of the blue-haired doctor, who did nothing more but watched the Cloud in visible amusement.

"Strong, aren't you?" Hibari asked, hintly suggested that he won't take any No. A short cunning smirk answered him first, followed right after by "And why concern then?". Provoked an impatient policeman was not what you should do, but Mukuro took no note. Indelicately snorted, the commander aplombly retorted. "You managed to avoid that bag." Here again with the accusing tone.

"Oh right, the bag," Mukuro puffed one fist on left hand's palm, Eurekally clicked his tongue as if he just drifted back to something. "you didn't respond my question from earlier, did you? Let me ask again, Why throw a heavy, harmful bag at an innocent, oblivious civilian?"

And Hibari found himself making eye-contact with the doctor instead of wracking his brain for a rational answer. It was not a pleasant exchange per any chance; what with the coldness and dim disdain in one tonfa-arming individual's glare, warned that he might truculencely maul the blue-haired man anytime. For a moment, Mukuro was sure he could see an insane amount of black fire arose from Hibari's body.

The doctor chuckled, broke the intense staring contest between them, all the while realised he had laughed far too much than usual. "Oya, how frightening. Are you always so short-tempered like this, Mr. Commander? Or is it that time of the month?"

Hibari blinked in confusion at first. It took him some good minutes to ponder about the words, and when its meaning hit his head, Hibari's eyes flicked wider as he furiously snapped back, a tinge of pink lightly colored his cheeks. "Pervert, what the heck did you say?"

Oh, what's that? Mukuro snickered, referred Hibari's reaction with that of a cat which bristled when someone poked its ears. "Aw, just a joke."

"Dirty joke."

"Ooh really, I didn't mean to be rude, but maybe it sounds that way with you. People nowadays lacks some sense of humour, how disappointing. Ah, I deeply apologize if you feel offended because of that?"

If only he didn't intone the last sentence and made it sound more like a true apology, it would've been better. But of course, this is Rokudou Mukuro we're talking about. The devilish, playful man who liked to play game and worked his unique way around. As Hibari's eyes narrowed, Mukuro's smirk also widened. It soon became a little contest between them, regarded who quitting off first. Eventually, Hibari decided to end it before the anger took over himself.

"You, your name?" The Cloud quietly asked, more like gritted the question out through his teeth. Mukuro smiled at that. He could even clearly hear the unsaid, You're in deep deep shit now, mister doctor, and an unofficial threat of I will turn you into pulp of dead meat later. Somehow, it just made the conversation much more enjoyable.

"Now that's very impolite of you, Mr. Commander. I believe when you ask for someone's name, you introduce yourself first."

From the darkened expression on Hibari's feature, the doctor knew that he'd succeeded in worsened their already bad term. Good job, Mukuro inwardly self-praised.

And here the black-haired man found it hard to restrain from cursing. Succintly, concisely, he forced himself to mumble the answer, syllable-by-syllable. "Hibari Kyouya."

"Ooh, Hibari Kyouya." The name rolled off his tongue like venomous honey drip-dropping, collaborated with the haughty smile that never failed to decorate his smug face, altogether sent a cold shiver down Hibari's spine. "A very nice name, indeed. You could ask for mine now, if you please?"

Hibari growled impatiently. The nerves. This man was starting to get on his nerves. Hands clenched into tight fists, the Cloud was more than ready to break Mukuro's jaw, and maybe a few teeth. But despited all flaring murderous intentions which strongly recommended him to let off, Hibari pulled his punches, felt himself unbelievably calm, then slowly, very slowly, munched the question. "Bastard, your-stupid-name?"

"Oya oya, not a good attitude, but I shall let it slip this time." The doctor was too occupied in his new found interest that made him magnanimously pass through the demeaning behavior of Hibari. "My name is Rokudou Mukuro. I'm good with either Rokudou-sensei or Mukuro-sama, which do you prefer?"

A failed joke, which only made the Cloud even more cloudy.

"Who are you?"

"Well, I am but an ordinary doctor who owns a small clinic on northeast town."

Hibari looked disturbed, and perhaps even tired. The commander grudgingly repeated his question, this time put more strength on emphasizing the keywords.

"Who are you?"

"I just responded, didn't I?" Mukuro simply shrugged, rather matter-of-factly.

A flash of utter distraught ran across Hibari's eyes, and if the angry snort wasn't obvious enough, "You knew I don't ask for such insignificant things, herbivore. To the point or I'll bite you dead."

The doctor arched an eyebrow at the Cloud's exclusive choice of words. Super exclusive to be honest.

"What significant thing are you looking for, I wonder?". Mukuro curled up his lips just enough to form a sly smile, signaled with a tempting wink. "If you want to know more about me, shouldn't you find it by yourself?".

And that, Hibari knew right ahead, that wasn't gonna be good.


.End Prologue.

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