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The stone angel stood and stared at the dying sky. His emotions a replica of hers, a child aching for freedom.

Freestyle poem.

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Đăng: 26 Feb 2008 Cập nhật: 26 Feb 2008

Stone Angel bởi boeboebi
Author: BoeBoeBi
Genres: Poem
Warnings: None
Summary: Within an angel.

A/N: the angel is a real stone angel in my front yard. he is old, but very cute. wrote this for english class.

Stone Angel

The sunlight diminished slowly
painting the sky with fiery hues
of scarlet and orange.

It stood, observing
the day ending in melancholy.
Eyes heavenward, those empty orbs
were marbled white.
A forlorn expression carved,
upon the face of a child’s.

Its arms and legs
cracked and chipped of paint.
And within those tiny palms,
an unlit lamp held motionless.
Those delicate wings,
intricate and outstretched
as if ready to fly.

It was a homeless orphan
with no home,
like an angel
abandoned from heaven.

The passersby paid no heed
or bewildered glances
to the lonely form.
As it stood there day by day,
it shriveled in more agony,
and longing.

I want to be free,
to be notice, or rather

I need to get away,
to that place I know
too well, yet
I can never seem to get there.

It’s no virtual reality,
no fantasy, or
delusion of the mind.

I’m displaced, misplaced,
forced to accept the passing days.
And every time I look
at the sky, I reach out
attempting to touch.

I watch those clouds
and sun fading
below that horizon,
and pitied the angel,
like sympathizing

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