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Story 3 bởi ai.himiko
The Angel and the Princess was given a second chance, and our story continues to unfold...

Story 3

“The Angel stayed on Earth, living as one with the mankind. But Earth was nowhere near Heaven, it was ugly, filled with human beings and their kind's greediness and cruelness. As time passed, the Angel’s heart grew heavier and heavier. The pain of experiencing the loss of his loved one, the anxious of waiting for the Princess, the fear of him passing through her without noticing... every little thing along with witnessing mankind’s ugliness craved into his heart deeper and deeper. Until one day...

That day, the Angel suddenly saw his once beloved Princess while flying passed a tower. She was, once again, the High Princess of a Kingdom, she was still as beautiful and perfect as he remembered her to be. The Angel hid in the dark while taking a closer look at the Princess. That very same face, that very same manner, but his love had somehow died.

The Angel stayed there for a couple of months more, without letting the Princess leave his eyesight. But his feeling of love did not return. He felt neither love nor hate toward this Princess. However he did not feel relieve either. The burden of experiencing his beloved’s death still kept craving deeper and deeper into his heart, so did the feeling of longing for her.

Realization came rushing into him, she was no doubt his Princess reincarnation, but he felt nothing toward her. She was reborn, but no matter how similar, she wasn’t his love. The Angel looked at the Princess one more time, and flew away. It was enough, he knew that, no matter how long he looked at her, he would not be able to feel a tiny bit of emotion.

Thus, the Angel flew to the forest he used to visit long time ago. The Angel looked at the scenery, and saw that there were not many changes since the last centuries that he had been here. The forest was as quite as ever and the lake was very still. The Angel looked down at the lake and that was the very first time he saw his very reflection after he descended to Earth for the second time. Sadly, at that moment, the Angel realized that he could no longer recognize his own reflection. His hair had turned pure white and his eyes, grey. The once beautiful transparent glassy wings now lost its light and became completely black.

The Angel grazed at his reflection with indifferent look. He could feel nothing, absolutely nothing at all, neither surprising nor disgusting. Long time on Earth and pain had killed most of his feeling. As he parted his way with the Princess that day, knowing that he would not be able to fall for her, even the last straw of his feeling died. That day, the Angel turned into a Demon. That day, the most beautiful and pure Angel, perfect creation of God had become a Demon, void of emotion.

While the newly born Demon stood there grazing upon his reflection in the lake, a boy suddenly appeared, he came out from the other side of the forest. The boy looked at the creature before him in surprise. He never knew something like that existed. The Demon turned his grazed to the boy. Their eyes met, but neither moved nor turned away.

The Demon frown upon seeing the boy smiled unexpectedly, a bright and beautiful smile, a smile that was capable of warming any heart. Anger suddenly aroused inside the Demon heart. That boy possessed the very same silvery hair and deep silver-blue eyes in the deepest and darkest memory of the Demon, but his smile was so different. The Demon suddenly spread his wings, and flew away, left the boy dumbfounded.

The boy looked as the Demon figure faded away little by little, wondering if he had somehow upset the creature. He was a little surprised seeing the Demon suddenly frown and flew away. When their eyes met, he saw the deep sorrow in the Demon’s eyes. And he just smiled reflexively, wishing to ease the pain in the beautiful creature. Yes, beautiful creature, he never saw anything that beautiful before, so beautiful that it might have felt almost surreal.

As he saw that the Demon had disappeared into the sky, the boy turned away and left while thinking that he should try to come here the day after that so that he could meet the creature again.”

No pain, no gain, but too much pain can kill and even an Angel can become a Demon. Or is it as from the very beginning, Demon and Angel are none but two of the very same kind?

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