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Fly bởi sun
lần đầu viết fic tiếng anh mong dc giúp đỡ!:D

Thể loại: English Rating: K Hoàn thành:
Phân đoạn: 1 Độ dài: 848 từ Đọc: 3270 lần Phản hồi: 5 Yêu thích: 0
Đăng: 04 Jun 2008 Cập nhật: 04 Jun 2008

The first day i met you... bởi sun
Rating: K
For the last time I saw you...


I remember that day
The day I saw her
The crying angle…

It’s a raining day, I have to run, and I’m late. My sister will kill me if I go home late, it’s a deal of us. Today I have to help her some things. I run through the grassland. I feel cold, my body is wet. Suddenly, I stop when I see some things. A girl with black, long hair. She has two white wings on her back. She wears a white dress. She stands in the rain, and crying. I walk slowly to her.

- Hey you!- I talk.

- …- She doesn’t answer, she look at me.

- Why are you crying?- I ask her.

- …- She doesn’t say anything.

- …, Ok let go to my house, You will be sick if you stand in the rain!

- …- She nods her head in agreement.

- Let’s go.- I push her.

Ring the house bell, no answer. I open the door, no one here. I see a letter on the table, I come and read it. “Sorry John, today I have a party so I will go home late. May be I will help you tomorrow.” Sign…, she always likes that, I take a look on the arm chair in the living room. The girl with white wings is sitting on it. I smile, I go to the second floor. After five minutes. I go down with a towel and white shirt and pant. I give them to her.

- Take this, on the second floor, the right room have a bath room you can take a shower and dress up.- I talk to her.

She looks at me then go up to the second floor. After a few minute she goes down with the new dress, she gives back to me the shirt and pant. I look at the white dress that she wears, I could not understand where she get the dress from but never mind. She sits on the chair on my left. I look at her and ask:

- Can you talk?

- …- She nods her head.

- Who are you?- I ask.

- I’m... an… ang..el… but…i…can’t…fly…- she talks difficultly.

- …

- …so…I…can’t… fly to…the…he…aven…- She continues.

- That why you cry?

- …- she nods her head.

- I saw you have wings, why don’t you use it to fly.

- …i…can’t use…it, …it’s…wet…- She says.

- Ok, I will help you but you have to wait, we will find how to make your wings dry quickly.

- …- She nods her head again.

After one hour i can make her wings dry. Outside the rain is already stop.

- Now you can fly, right?

- …But… how to…fly?- She ask, I feel really shock!

- I think you have to know how to fly, don’t you?

- …

- How can I teach you, I don’t know too!- I say and I can see that her face is worry. Then some thing flash in my head.- A! I know how to teach you now, go with me!

I take her to the park, I let her sit on the bench, then I go to buy some bread. After that, I break the bread into pieces and put them on the ground and wait for a while. Then a bird comes to us, and I put more pieces of bread on the ground and more birds come to us.

- Do you see how do they use their wings to fly? You just do the same with your wings.- I point to the flying bird.

- uh…let me try…- She says and moves her wings.

Then her wings begin to move then she can take off and fly.

- See! Now you can go to the heaven!- I say.

- Uh! Thank you!- She smiles, just like a flower blossoms in the morning and flies away.

Then I go home, alone. I feel happy, but don’t know why. Today is not too bad. When I go home my sister was already there she asks me where did I go and why do I go home too late. In the dinner I tell her about the angel story but she just calls me crazy.

No one believes in me
They all think me crazy
Only the girl and I know
I don’t need anybody to believe

The last time I met you
That when I was over forty
In that time I looked older than before
But you didn’t, you was just like that
Young and beautiful
This story I wrote and gave you
Because I knew we will never meet again
Or may be yes
Because I will go to the heaven
I wish I can meet you


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